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The power of media
Power and media are terms that are closely related in our society. Media plays many roles in our life. The mass media have the ability to reach many audiences and build their image.
The media is a hugely powerful and influential communications tool. It is important for a company or institution to use the media as a means of publicity. Publicity can provide information to the public and at the same time it can also affect the public. In addition, the media can also influence the decision makers in determining policy. Publicity can also be utilized to sell products or concept, educate the public, and that is not less important is protecting the corporate image. The influence of publicity could shape public opinion.
In conclusion, we can not escape the reality that media is present in our everyday life. The way we think, speak, our actions and behaviours are all influenced by the media to a certain extent.

Understanding the media and journalist
a.    Who are journalists?
Journalists are those who have a education background in journalism. In addition, they also must have extensive knowledge about various things because they have to cover stories about the various fields. However, journalists also have specialist skill. For example there are journalists who are experts in the field of politics, and other specialist in economic.
b.    How do they work?
•    Twist the facts?
Journalists like facts. But undoubtedly, the media also likes to twist the facts. It can not be separated from the interests of particular individuals or groups
•    News value
Information arrives in the newsroom minute by minute. A news editor highlights only those stories they considers to be of greatest interest to his readers or audiences.
•    Bad news is good news
This expression is familiar in world media. This cannot be separated from the public interest to know bad news more than good news.
•    Deadline
It is important for us to know that journalists romp over time in order to get the news according to existing deadlines.
•    Hidden agenda
Current coverage is inseparable from self-interest or group of persons with control of existing coverage. In Indonesia, there are news television owned by politicians. This raises the opinion in the public that they have a hidden agenda behind the news.

Working with media
Working with the media is one of our primary opportunities for communicating with the public. We must know that the media love facts. However, this does not mean we should disclose all the facts to the media. Only give them the information that we want get across. It is a good to have short message that we can repeat constantly. It is also important for us to provide honest information. If we lie, we could jeopardize the credibility of our company. We must remember that we can not dictate the media but we can control a part of news content. It is also important in working with the media is by practicing proactive communication rather than defensive. The more we become defensive,  the more the media will attack us.

Attracting the media
a.    Exclusive News : Exclusive news is a piece of news, or the reporting of a piece of news, obtained by a media along with the privilege of using it first. Exclusive news can attract media due to the fact that media is currently competing with another media to get the exclusive news which can attract the public. It also related with the objectives of media which is presents to its readers or viewers up to date news on current affairs..
b.    Exclusive Interview : Exclusive is the word that media really love. They can get the material that another media can not. Exclusive interview is an occasion when a famous person is asked questions about their life, experiences, or opinions for a newspaper, magazine, television programme etc. RCTI (Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia) exclusive interview with President of United States Barack Obama in White House, Washington DC, by Putra Nababan. This is the first interview with Barack Obama conducted by Indonesian journalist.
c.    Site Visit : Site visit is one way to attract the media. Site visit provides an opportunity for media to be able to visit our office or factory. By site visit, the media have direct access to see how the company works. Site visit is very useful when a company in crisis. We can invite the media to come to our factory to see the entire process of manufacturing the product.

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